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Easoon provides Rapid manufacturing solutions for customers!
Our company provides fast manufactruing solutions,short production solutions
Are you looking for reliable manufacturing services? To produce high-quality products within the target time. Are you looking for a professional manufacturer? This professional experience can easily communicate with us, help customers to build 3d printing, CNC hard and soft glue, metal prototype. The Easoon solution is located in Dongguan, China, in a place called the world-wide manufacturing plant. Easoon solutions provides rapid manufacturing solutions, short-time production solutions, in small-volume production without opening the steel injection molding, to help customers save costs and time, easoon Solutions Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of rapid prototyping and 3D printing of various materials, CNC machining services, vacuum casting, rapid sheet metal parts... Our company has been providing rapid manufacturing services for more than 12 years, from which we reach over 500 customers in 30 countries each year. We are keen to support them and turn their ideas into reality. Some range from 10,000 to 100000 . We tailor-made production services to meet your specific product design needs.
Why customers choose us?
There are several advantages for your team to make the parts with us :
1: Top equipments like:3-5Axis Machining CNC,EDM,SLA, SLS, etc.
2: Very experienced team to make the product development,digital sculpting,creat 3d file,STL files
3: Easoon provides fast manufacturing solutions for customers! plastic casting for manufacturing without steel mold which helps customer save the time and money!(low-cost fabrication in small batch volume)
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Advantages and disadvantages of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy|www.easoar-soon.com
Advantages and disadvantages of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy|www.easoar-soon.com
1, the advantages and disadvantages of zinc alloy:
2, the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy:
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    Which good magnesium alloy processing?
    Which good magnesium alloy processing?
1. Magnesium alloy has a low density but high strength and good rigidity. Among the existing engineering metals, magnesium has a very small density;
2. Magnesium alloy has good toughness and strong shock absorption.
3. Magnesium alloy is flammable, magn
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