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vacuum casting

              Low volume vacuum casting for plastic shell

Small batch production is a trouble, because the order is not big enough, large factories often do not accept, customers often have high requirements for the production technology, at this time, what should be done to make their own satisfactory production results?

Easoonmde believe that I can give you a satisfactory answer, there is no limit to the number of here, even if only do a, the factory will order, so we don't need to worry, the problem of quantity your need to order a few, a few extremely convenient, completely don't need to struggle, or compromise.

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vacuum casting

And such small batch production also don't have to worry about quality is bad, because even a small amount of production, and also has a very standard production process, , even if has a detailed structure figure, also can use 3 d printing for production directly, ensure that the product of integration, the most accurate shape and quality.

Vacuum casting is usually used for small batch functional prototype production.First of all, I need to process a prototype out of the box with surrounding processing board, into the silica gel, after curing, separate the silica gel mold left and right, take out the prototype, then close the left and right silica gel mold, add plastic heating curing and take out the product!

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Polyurethane with different physical properties enables prototypes to perform functional tests under different conditions, including mechanical load, thermal load and other reliability tests.You can also get production-like results, including color, finish, texture and soft feel.Compared to traditional molds and injection molding, it can create customized and complex small batch production parts more quickly and can improve development efficiency.



Low volume CNC machining

Customized small-batch CNC machining is a complement between prototyping and mass production and is ideal for tracking orders and market testing.Small batch manufacturing in CNC machining is also a good evaluation solution for upcoming batch production plans.For this reason, more and more companies are deciding to use small batches because it can get products to market more quickly.At the same time, it can create more room for improvement based on usage feedback.

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custom silicone mold

From rapid prototyping to small batch production, this stage has become the development trend of CNC machining industry.Not only does it rapidly increase the manufacturing capacity of most manufacturers, but it also reduces the risk of increasing design flexibility and saves production time and cost.

The combination of first class equipment and the unmatched knowledge and experience of our team members gives us a huge advantage in short volume production.

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silicone mold for resin casting

For many years, we have been serving customers in different industries through the manufacture of high quality, precision milling parts.We provide customized CNC prototyping services and small batch processing services with professional technology.

We are your one-stop service for all processing projects in China.Whether you need a simple part, a complex part, or several different parts, Easoon will be there for you to manage any mix of parts and volumes.


   Low cost and short trial production cycle of the rapid aluminum mold

Aluminum is a very strong conductor of heat.Faster cooling usually means significantly less cycle time and faster parts, and allows us to process without having to process some cooling channels.

Tools made of aluminum are easier to work than those made of steel.

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vacuum impregnation castings

The AL7075 aluminum mold is as strong and durable as the traditional P20 mold.Due to various factors, such as cost, delivery time, quantity, etc., many injection molding companies begin to pay more attention to aluminum injection molds and tools.Compared with hard steel, aluminum moulds reduce the cost of making moulds because aluminum can be machined 15 to 30 percent faster and polished 3 to 10 times faster.Strict tolerances and various surface finishes and textures?Easoon has years of experience in creating fast aluminum molds

1: Through the optimization of mold design and processing, aluminum mold has far exceeded the expected service life of the mold.Aluminum cavity can reach 100,000 product life expectancy.

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vacuum pump for resin casting
2: Aluminum can be used to make MUD molds, which means lower mold costs and faster production conversion, and provides excellent flexibility for just-in-time scheduling.

3: The faster processing efficiency of aluminum enables us to directly process molds, such as ribs, radii, sharp edges and so on.Reduced EDM and Wire EDM processing time




Rapid injection molding is a cost-effective solution

For a long time, in the industrial production of small batch production are relatively disadvantaged, than because of mass production, are disadvantaged in each aspect, the first is the cost is high, at the same time product ordering period will be longer, production cycle is very long, often on the production side of priority are back.

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pressure or vacuum for resin casting

Easoon combines traditional mold processing methods with rapid aluminum mold processing to produce plastic parts quickly, economically and efficiently, with experimental prototypes molded in the development and testing stages.

Quick injection molding is a type of molding that can be used to conduct small pilot production for test prototypes close to the final product. Easoon takes an active approach to plastic projects, providing cost-effective and reasonable advice on design, materials, production process, manufacturability, etc.We determine the best way to enter the market based on your project objectives and expectations.From the beginning, our engineers and molding masters can reduce the pain and time of this process to ensure that your parts can be molded as expected.

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vacuum casting manufacturers

There is another great advantage of small batch production through such manufacturers, that is, the quality of products can be better guaranteed, because  manufacturers of hand plate models have special 3D printing technology, which can be directly printed and molded according to the model, which is extremely accurate.



     Future customized small batch manufacturing road

Today, consumers expect more customization and diversity than ever before.Flexible innovation and time-to-market are critical to your strategy as product life cycles shorten and new product release cycles shorten.Under these impetus, product design developed rapidly, and product developers shifted their attention from mass production to small batch manufacturing.

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custom resin mold

The advantage of small batch manufacturing is that as tooling and installation costs become a more critical component of the project budget, small batch manufacturing processes are generally more cost-effective than bulk production because they are faster to build and lead times are shorter, thus reducing overall production costs.

In addition, mass production facilities often impose minimum order requirements to offset their heavy production investment and cover setup costs.However, small batch manufacturers will provide you with faster, more flexible orders.It is particularly useful for early and small - and medium-sized companies.

Prototype company is  in small batch orders, can be ordered from a piece, for small batch production has brought a new pattern, from now on small batch orders are no longer afraid of no factory to pick up, not afraid of their own orders are slow and expensive.

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silicone vacuum casting
The processing method, the manufacturing process, the molds and materials used, small batch manufacturing usually involves the production range of 100 to 10K parts.Compared with many of the risks and costs associated with expanding too quickly for "mass commercialization," small batch manufacturing reduces risk, increases design flexibility, shortens time to market, and creates opportunities to save production costs.Effective short - or small-batch production solutions benefit all stakeholders throughout the product life cycle, from design to manufacturing, all the way to the supply chain and consumers.

There are many problems that require  attention when doing small batch production, so what can you do to get the desired results?There are some cautions about small batches, so let's take a look at them so that you can better understand them.

Easoon remind everybody doing small batch of products of the company, it is important to note that good for cost budget and control, than the mass production, small batch above the cost of the piece, often will be costly, especially if it is some more special products, or even no physical design, it will increase cost, this, is we need to pay attention to control.

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vacuum assisted high pressure die casting
Producing hundreds to thousands of pre-production components can be a useful step before going into mass production.Pilot runs will bridge the gap between prototype and production, allow faster completion of functionality, profile matching tests, and engineering design validation, allowing you to show the final product to potential consumers and sales staff, and discover and solve any problems.It was corrected before being transferred to manufacturing

        Shorten time to market

As the product market becomes increasingly competitive, being the first company to offer a unique product to market can make the difference between success and failure.The combination of a competitive and unpredictable market has led to increasing pressure on developers and design engineers to create high-quality products in the shortest possible time.By optimizing production and supply chain support for small volume products, manufacturing ensures project viability and gets your product to market more quickly at an affordable price.

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materialise vacuum casting

Quick Details

CNC Machining or Not:Not CNC Machining  Micro Machining or Not:Micro Machining
Type:Other Machining   Services, Rapid prototyping
Material Capabilities:Plastic,Nylon,PMMA,ABS Resin,8150,XU50,PX100,PX200
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China    Model Number:Custom machining   Brand Name:OEM
Material:ABS, POM, PA, PP, PVC, PMMA, PBT    Color:Customized Color
Tolerance:0.01-0.25mm    Packing:Carton   MOQ:Accept One Sample
Surface treatment:Painting,Zinc plating, Painting, Powder painting
OEM/ODM:Accecpted   Finish:Coat  Application:ODM Service   Process:3D Printing

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vacuum casting company

Supply Ability
Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1. Carton.
2. Wooden case.
3. Pallet or container.
Picture Example:
Lead Time :

Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 1 >1
Est. Time(days) 5 To be negotiated
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