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The function and significance of making  prototyping!

                                                                  Prototype custom

After the 3D design is completed, we need to make a physical object model which is the same as the 3D design figure,Find a  Prototype machining services company to observe whether the appearance is consistent with our own design concept, and to check the rationality of the structural design, production process and assembly...Due to the high cost and long manufacturing time of the mold, once there is a problem in the design, it will be difficult to modify, or even the risk of re-opening the mold, so before opening the mold, making the hand plate is the best way of inspection
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rapid prototype service

At first, the industry was not so developed, and most of the sample models were made by hand, which was also called prototyping because it was made by hand. The early hand plate was made by hand, with a long manufacturing cycle and large data error, so its function of checking the appearance or structural rationality was greatly compromised
 Prototype machining services  can talk to Easoon for cooperation. Easoon is profional Prototype machining services supplier!

With the development of science and technology, the rapid development of CAD and CAM technology provides better technical support for handboard manufacturing, which greatly improves the manufacturing cycle and data error of handboard.sheet metal prototype

In the new product development process, by using UG, PRO/ E,sliodwork, free from...Various software 3D design, the current hand: it is mainly through 3D printing (laser rapid forming) and (CNC) computer gong processing center processing out, and then through manual assembly, grinding and color, so that the manufacture of the prototyping more mechanized, more accurate data.
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cnc prototype

According to the materials used in the production, the prototyping can be divided into plastic hand plate (ABS, transparent, soft glue) and metal hand plate.

(1) Plastic prototyping: the raw material is plastic, mainly the hand plate of some plastic products, such as TV, monitor, telephone and so on.

(2) Metal prototyping: its raw materials are aluminum and magnesium alloy and other metal materials, mainly the hand plate of some high-grade products.Such as laptop computers, premium cassette players, MP3 players, CD players and so on.rapid sheet metal prototyping

The prototyping is not only visible, but also touchable. It can directly reflect the designer's creativity in the form of real objects, avoiding the drawback of "drawing looks good but making looks bad".Therefore, handboard production is indispensable in the process of new product development and product appearance elaboration.(If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
prototype sheet metal

The prototyping can be assembled, so it can directly reflect the reasonable structure, installation of the degree of difficulty.It is convenient to find and solve problems as early as possible.Examine the improvement of production process and production efficiency.rapid prototype sheet metal

                                         The function and significance of making  prototyping!

Prototyping will be applied in many industrial production field, it mainly refers to the first before mass production of small sample model making, sometimes just to make a model, sometimes a small batch production, main effect is to see the preliminary design is feasible in the process of mass production and determine the rationality of the design and budget cost.Basically all products need to be made in advance before prototyping
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injection mold prototype

Before the product is actually put into production, it is necessary to design the components of the appearance of the product and evaluate the finished product.However, without real samples, it is difficult to judge whether the preliminary design is reasonable and whether the budget is consistent with the real material cost.The adoption of the handplate model can maximize the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the design, and make improvements before mass production to ensure production 
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cnc machining prototype

Recognize and explore concepts.Bring product ideas into manageable scope while working to establish key details and fully understand the intent of the design through proof-of-concept prototypes.Communicate ideas effectively.Visual presentation models enable designers to share their concepts with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders to promote clear, actionable feedback

Design iterations are more flexible.Functional prototyping can be used to test design iterations and improve product performance.Efforts should be made to identify and correct all issues before the final product is available to reduce business risk.Carry out full production with confidence.By creating engineering prototypes that match the final product, it is easier to validate design, engineering, and manufacturability during prototyping, and then reinvest in expensive tools to get them into production,sheet metal prototype services



                                          PMMA processing and polishing techniques

We are committed to be your best full-service product development partner in the industry.We focus on a variety of prototyping and manufacturing technologies, providing CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid processing and small batch injection molding, maintaining a competitive edge through innovative services and a highly skilled workforce.We will work with you at every step of the product design and development process until prototype production 
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prototype plastic parts

In general, the size of the lamp lens is large. Therefore, even if we have a 5-axis CNC machine for processing and rotating at different angles, when the product is too large, we still need to split it up for processing.However, this would require a complete finish to the front part, like whether the part has a gluing line in the middle, which would affect the lighting of the whole car, and would only allow the side parts to be machined apart and glued together.
metal prototype manufacturers

The bonding technology of split parts is also one of Easoon's main unique technologies.Since most automotive lighting components are transparent, appearance is important even when adhesive lines are observed, but there are ways to make the adhesive lines as unobtrusive as possible.
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Easoon is committed to providing fast and efficient prototyping and rapid manufacturing solutions for companies in all industries, from commercial products to consumer products, from instruments and equipment to digital products and home appliances.Our product portfolio ensures design accuracy, passes testing and validation, and ultimately makes the company successful,aluminum prototype manufacturing



       How to make TPU, silicone prototype before mold opening

In order to verify the rationality of product design, the production of prototype is essential. Then, find a professional TPU handboard manufacturer, which can make according to the requirements of the designed product and process with TPU material. It can not only show the appearance and structure of the whole product, but also provide reference data for the designer to improve the product.
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plastic prototyping service

High-quality TPU mock up processing enterprises can be more professional in the production of various models, the use of more advanced equipment, mature technology, will be able to ensure that the product can have better performance, to ensure better overall effect.

All the newly designed products need to be made into handboards. According to the different types of the designed products, different materials can be selected for making. At this time, tPU handboard manufacturers will make the handboards with better effects and overall quality, so as to have a better performance in terms of reliability.
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china prototyping

In order to meet the requirements of soft rubber prototyping, we should pay special attention to the selection of manufacturers.The use of soft glue to produce, for the negative design developers more directly to find product design defects and shortcomings, from the targeted improvement of defects, until cannot find problems, this has a direct role in the final product finalization.prototype sheet metal

If the design product does not carry on the hand plate first directly opens the mold manufacture, then certainly will cause the massive manpower and material resources loss.In view of this, we need to find a more suitable enterprise to make, at this time the soft glue material made of hand plate is good, its effect advantage machine is obvious.

In order to ensure a better effect of prototype production and provide better convenience for designers to find out the problem, it may be more appropriate to have a professional soft rubber hand manufacturer to deal with it.More appropriate material is qualitative more welcome, and the characteristic that is in benefit respect is more outstanding, can get present completely in effect respect, say so these are the link that needs to cause take seriously.
prototype machining services

In general, choose experienced panel manufacturers, they will just design reasonable selection range of goods, and most of the products can be made by soft rubber, not only can get groceries you first the appearance and structure, also can better reflect the quality, to this, or have to select the targeted will more conform to the requirements.
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cnc prototyping china

Quality manufacturer in processing and manufacturing of prototype, can according to the need to determine the use of that material to processing, can better to show the structure and appearance of the product, easy to through the model to find the product deficiency, thus can through continuous improvement to ensure that the model presents a better state, for mass production of products provide strong guidance, so verify product design must make hand first, rational selection of factory production.

Different types of hand plate processing costs should refer to the degree of processing difficulty, material, processing quantity, and even the average quotation of the industry, etc. The influence of different aspects finally forms a basic quotation of the prototype manufacturer.It is natural for businesses to be able to reduce certain input costs is the best.But how to calculate the specific processing cost, we should also do know
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cnc prototype china

Believe that many businesses have processed silica gel hand plate before, know a little about this industry.So we might as well start from the market evaluation in the industry, to see the bottom of what type of manufacturers have been recognized by the vast number of consumers.If the market reputation is good, and there is quality after-sales service, natural is the most worthy of our choice and recognition.
sheet metal rapid prototyping


It is very important to make hardware prototype model to find regular enterprises

In the process that carries on hardware prototype to make, can make the hand board of all sorts of material, among them hardware hand board is more common.At the beginning of some product design and development, there is a design for its use and direction, so through hardware materials to produce, perhaps more close to the molding of the product, after all, through the evaluation of the hardware material design model, you can find shortcomings and shortcomings(If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
prototyping china

Whether it is a model of that type, we should verify its feasibility when we make the handboard in advance, so that the function and function of the product can be demonstrated, so as to better present various problems of the product and achieve a better effect.

Advance according to the appearance of the design drawings or the model structure drawing production, has a lot to promote, for follow-up to improve the products and metal plank on the display effect is more outstanding, better able to provide customers with related safeguard, therefore, we need according to the actual need to determine, to facilitate better reflect its results.(If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
sheet metal rapid prototyping

To sum up, the selection of hardware material for the prototype is relatively common, of course, the selection of which material needs to be determined according to the requirements of the design and manufacture of products, which will definitely have a positive effect on getting better results.The hardware model can show the appearance and structure of the designed products more completely and accurately, which is convenient to find the problems and disadvantages.metal prototype manufacturer


                            Prototypes are the first step toward mass production

In the development of new products, prototype can say is the first step for products from design to the entity, the hand of biggest role, is used to verify the design accuracy and practicability, by hand can effectively find out the design of the lack of what, what did not take into account the problems, or with which the disadvantages of new discoveries, and so on. (If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
dmls prototyping

Easoon company has rich experience in handboard making for many years, and can restore the structure and appearance in the design drawings most accurately, and make them one by one in the model, so that problems in the drawings can be exposed more quickly, bringing better results.

Company for the production and development of all kinds of prototype are of the utmost importance, not only in terms of technology, personnel, constantly strengthen, also purchased a large number of advanced equipment, the use of these to be able to make the customer better, really by hand, to save their cost, better get a better effect.The requirements for the prototype are mainly in the following aspects:
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cnc prototype service

Easoon offers a variety of product prototypes for devices and instruments that use engineering grade plastics and metals in many applications.Using the same materials as the final product, the prototype can realistically simulate the mechanical function, electrical performance, chemical resistance, thermal performance and life testing of the end-use product.This gives you a clear idea of how a part or assembly will work in a context that represents the real world of its application.sheet metal rapid prototype

2 Commercial and office prototypes, Easoon's prototype technology capabilities are ideal for commercial and office automation equipment (OA products) manufacturers who manufacture components to your exact specifications.The prototype development will faithfully represent the attributes of the final product, including the dimensional accuracy of the assembled matching parts, checking for design errors, and hidden dimensional differences and tolerances.We can use our technical experience in high-precision CNC machining and fast machining to provide best advice on components based on materials, processes, and tolerances, and to predict potential problems to help you solve engineering problems.Rely on professional engineers and project managers(If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
rapid prototyping china

Digital and electrical prototyping. Everything we do at WayKen is dedicated to providing the best quality prototypes in the industry, at time and cost, in the highly competitive consumer product world.Easoon creates a high quality visual presentation model that is almost identical to the real thing.These prototype models are ideal for focus groups, trade shows, and other sales and marketing activities.rapid prototyping sheet metal

A demo prototype is a visual representation of the design of the final invention.The aim is to show off your 3D visual model and arouse the audience's interest.They don't have to work like a functional model, but you don't want to look as rough and rough as a conceptual model.The conceptual model is like a 3D sketch, while the presentation model is like an actual, tangible 3D rendering.(If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
carbon fiber prototype

In some cases, a presentation prototype also needs to provide a working demonstration of the product.This prototype combines the functionality of the product with the overall look and feel.Production-grade materials may be used to balance cost efficiency and design quality.The prototype is a good choice to demonstrate the feasibility of the product before mass production.metal prototype fabrication


                                     The development of the prototype

Prototype is a very important part in the manufacturing process of model production. This model has been developed for some time, but many people do not know how this model is developed. The handboard is actually very simple, and it is mainly applicable to the products designed and produced by using structural drawings in the case that mold cannot be used. (If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
easoon prototypes

There are a lot of limitations in the model, which is basically made by hand. As a result, the production time of the product will be prolonged, it is difficult for the product to be perfect. Of course, there may be some problems.

At present all kinds of manufacturing technology development very fast, and model factory has become a lot of, this also let's to have a better condition for manufacturing to ensure the production of products more accurate, and with the promotion of technology, the speed of product development become the main competitive advantage, but the use of this model can better improve product development speed, help the company competition ability of ascension. (If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
)easoon solutions company

It is in this environment that this industry has become completely independent and has achieved rapid development, effectively improving the speed of product development and production level of the enterprise, to ensure that the enterprise product development speed and production level are in the lead, and the enterprise will get the lead in the industry,rapid sheet metal prototype

Where are prototypes used

• Design optimization

• Internal review

• Trade shows

• Photo shoot

• Generate market interest((If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!))
sheet metal prototypes

• Identify and understand opportunities

• Potential buying

• New product demonstrations

• Increase access to capital

• Sales and marketing samples

• Educational training assistance  sheet metal prototype service


                          The demo prototype is a solution for testing the design

Before the formal production of a product, the corresponding prototype should be made first to ensure that there are no hidden dangers or other problems in the design. Only when no problems can be found in the hand plate, the mold can be officially opened and put into formal production.
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cnc aluminum prototype

The prototype is a professional handboard manufacturing company with many years of experience. The handboards provided by the company can be divided into two categories: manual handboards and CNC handboards.prototypes five-axis machined

As the name suggests, the hand is mainly made by hand and completed, and the CNC hand is made by professional CNC machine tools, at present, the CNC hand is increasingly popular. 
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cnc plastic machining prototype

Whether it is manual or numerical control, the prototype produced has the most basic requirements, that is, must restore all the relevant information in the drawings, if the produced hand plate and drawings have a deviation, then this is not a qualified hand sample, so find a professional company, there is a professional effect.

Depending on your product development process, you can create a presentation prototype before or after working out the design details using functional prototypes.If you are designing for optimization, you may want to use visual appearance prototypes earlier with the design team so that internal reviews can be incorporated into the design of functional prototypes.However, if you want to do market research as soon as possible, you can also show a model to an investor or potential licensor that shows a combination of product functionality and overall look and feel.rapid prototype service


                               Or CNC prototype

Easoon is an expert in CNC prototyping services, specializing in high-precision visual design models and fully functional engineering prototypes.Fast turnaround and high-quality CNC prototyping can be achieved using a variety of materials, including the production of plastics, metals and other composite materials. (If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
cnc prototype manufacturer

CNC rapid prototyping is used to create high-quality demonstration models and functional prototypes that enable your design team to closely simulate the look and function of the final product, reflecting the effectiveness of the physical dimensions and ease or complexity of assembly, as well as modifying and optimizing the design.

As the design progresses, you will need to quickly obtain working prototypes with internal functions to conduct component shape fit checks and functional tests to help assess design, materials, strength, tolerances, assembly, working mechanisms, and manufacturability.(If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
difference between rapid prototyping and cnc

Functional prototypes can help prove and refine your design in rigorous test scenarios.With prototypes made of engineering grade materials using a range of alternative technologies, you can demonstrate your product's performance before it hits the market.

In fact, building functional or working prototypes is essential and should be considered a necessary stage in the new product Introduction (NPI) process.It is often referred to as "insurance policy" before expensive mass production.

• A good way for the surface finish, texture and feel of the material    fast cnc machining


      Making hand samples can greatly reduce the risk

Hand sample is actually a product prototype, mainly in order to test the whole product for further testing, basically be to see what other product design is bad, generally the new design product need through the model test, only in the case of confirmed drawings no problem, can choose to make the mold, thus into batch production.(If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
rapid prototyping plastic injection molding

So the company boss will be very attention to hand the sample quotation, hope can get a reasonable standard, making hand biggest advantage is to reduce the risk of product model-making, everyone know to make a model of the cost is very high, if the problems found in the process of making model, so will bring great loss.

And used in the process of the mould will be scrapped off completely, so the stand or fall of a product, mainly depends on the designer's design, and a set of standard design, involves the range is very wide, in addition to the designers have rich experience in this field, on the other hand also need to check the content of the design and thinking, this is also very important.(If there's anything else you require assistance with, be sure to send another message!)
rapid prototyping and digital sand casting services

A large part of the company's risks are caused by the launch of new products. We don't know how the actual effect of the new products will be, and whether it can attract people. However, making a handboard can solve all the problems and produce better products.
aluminum prototype manufacturer

Before mass production, it is important to create functional prototypes to ensure that your design meets your expectations, manufacturability, and industry standards.With advanced rapid prototyping technology, we can turn your design into a reality in just a few days.Whether in test form, assembly and functional prototypes, or as a starting point for any of our downstream manufacturing services, you will receive professional advice best suited to your needs.This will help you get good performance data in functional testing and give you confidence in your certification.
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prototype large plastic parts

As a professional prototype manufacturer, Easoar has a long history of prototyping and a reputation for feature components.We can provide you with satisfactory prototype, whether CNC machining, vacuum casting or rapid processing in aluminum mold, can be the most suitable way to manufacture

The main functions of dual-color prototyping are as follows

As everybody knows, make two colors mould cost is relatively high, especially the moulds made by some of the large size, while the value of this kind of mould bigger, but the corresponding cost is very high, especially in the process of the manufacture of moulds, it is easy to appear some serious problems, such as manufacturing finished found that the mould structure is not reasonable, by this time it was too late to change obviously, only to make a, for designers, loss of time and effort is particularly serious, and shuang hand sample can help people quickly remove the trouble. 
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rapid prototype plastic parts

First to see the appearance of the product design, the product is completely as you can see, but also people can direct access to, can use the most intuitive style fully reflected the designers idea, the main material of the product is two kinds of color of plastic material, to avoid paint products, looks very nice, but simply do not to come out, this is a big, only need people to avoid. (For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)

Secondly, we can check some structural design. Since this product can be assembled, it can directly reflect whether the structure of the product is reasonable and how difficult it is to install and assemble the product, so as to timely find out and solve problems, avoid various risks caused by direct mold making, and make the mold forming at one time,vacuum casting process in rapid prototyping

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