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injection moulding services

Degree of dependence of industrial products on plastic injections molding

Almost all industrial products must be moulded.The high precision, high consistency and high productivity of the moulds are incomparable with any other processing methods.So industrial products on the mold dependence degree is very high!

plastic injection Molding is a kind of industrial product that makes materials form in a certain way in a specific structural form. It is also a kind of production tool that can batch produce parts of industrial products with certain shape and size requirements.From airplanes and automobiles to teacups and nails, molds, to a great extent, determine the quality, efficiency and ability of new product development.So the mold has the honorary title of "mother of industry"
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    plastic injection molding companies Die machining parts of the edM and wire-cut processing

  With the development of industrial production and the progress of science and technology, new materials with the properties of high melting point, high hardness, high strength, high brittleness, high viscosity and high purity appear constantly.There are more and more workpiece with complicated structure and special process requirements,plastic injection molding companies  which makes the traditional machining method can not be machined or difficult to be machined.Therefore, people in addition to further develop and improve the mechanical processing method, but also strive to find new processing methods.EDM (discharge machining) is used to remove material from the workpiece surface by discharge etching process.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)

   rapid injection molding ,The difference between Sinker EDM and Wire EDM is mainly due to the type of electrode used in each process, Sinker EDM does not require pre-drilling, and the 3D capability that Sinker EDM can achieve, that is, Wire EDM only has the capability to produce 2D parts.Wire-cut discharge machining (EDM) is a method of cutting metals and other conductive materials in which a moving wire dissolves the material in a controlled manner.In wire-cut edM, a wire (usually made of brass or layered copper) between 0.1 and 0.3 mm in diameter is used as an electrode and actually arcs with the part to be cut to form the desired shape or form.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)injection molding companies

Because some complex parts can only be realized with THE help of EDM, it is widely used in aluminum parts processing as an auxiliary process.It is difficult to remove corners for parts with deep structure. If only CNC machining is used, a large radius will be left in corners, which is not allowed in some cases.By using the EDM process, sharp edges can be maintained.EDM applications include blind cavities (keyways), complex details, sharp corners, fine surface treatments, thin walls, and more. Easoon solutions CO,.LTD is a plastic injection molding companies



    rapid tooling!What are the advantages of EDM

  Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a new technology completely different from mechanical machining

  Electro discharge machining (EDM) can meet the needs of production development, and has shown many excellent performances in application.

The characteristics of EDM are as follows:rapid tooling (For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid injection molding tooling

1. During machining, there is no contact between tool electrode and workpiece material, and the macroscopic force between the two is very small.The tool electrode material does not need to be harder than the workpiece material, so the tool electrode is easy to manufacture.The high energy density of pulsed discharge facilitates the processing of special materials and workpiece of complex shapes which are difficult or impossible to be processed by ordinary machining methods.It is not affected by the hardness of the material and the thermal treatment condition.

2. The high energy density of pulse discharge facilitates the processing of special materials and workpiece of complex shapes that are difficult or impossible to be processed by ordinary machining methods.It is not affected by the hardness of the material and the thermal treatment condition.The duration of pulse discharge is very short, the heat conduction and diffusion range generated during discharge is small, and the range of material affected by heat is small.

3 can reform the workpiece structure, simplify the processing technology, improve the service life of the workpiece, reduce the labor intensity.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid injection molding

Based on the above characteristics, the main USES of EDM are as follows:

1) Manufacturing die, plastic die, forging die and die casting die.Machining holes, deformed holes and threaded holes in cemented carbide.

2) Cut out the parts on the sheet metal.Process narrow seams.

3) Grinding flat and round surfaces.Others (such as strengthening metal surfaces, removing broken tools, perforating quenched parts, direct machining of complex parts).



         Features of EDM mirror finishing center

The surface of ordinary EDM is rough;There is often a pear-skinned white layer on the surface of the workpiece, which is extremely brittle and has many microcracks, and there is tensile stress, and its fatigue resistance is relatively poor, thus greatly affecting the service life of the parts [1 ~ 4].The results show that when the surface roughness is less than Ra0.3 m, the fatigue resistance of the electromachined surface is similar to that of the machined surface, and there is no microcrack(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid injection

The specular EDM method can effectively solve the problem of parasitic capacitance between electrodes.However, there are also some problems in the powder mixing method. For example, to solve the problem of uniform mixing of fine powder in the working liquid, the fine powder will cause environmental pollution, and the cost is relatively high, so it has certain limitations in practical application.The author found in the research of electrospark mirror processing technology that mixing gas in the working fluid of the machining clearance can effectively reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece and greatly improve the productivity.

Edm technology is widely used in mold manufacturing and the processing of difficult materials.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid injection mold tooling

A.So it is an important direction for the development of electro discharge specular machining (EDM).The research on electrospark mirror processing technology in foreign countries was carried out earlier and achieved good results.Sodick company pioneered the study of edM technology in the late 1970s.The research of early EDM technology is mainly confined to reducing and controlling pulse discharge energy

B. For example, Sodick company launched the first generation PIKA power supply with narrow pulse width and low peak current in 1980, and its surface roughness was less than Ra0.1 m.In this period, the mirror processing was mainly limited to the small area of super finishing

C For a large area of EDM, due to the pulse accumulation effect of parasitic capacitance between electrodes, the actual single-discharge energy of the gap is greater than the single-pulse energy provided by the pulse power supply, thus affecting the reduction of the roughness value of the machining surface. The larger the area, the greater the influence(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)short run injection molding

D and the powder mixing process.Therefore, scholars at home and abroad have put forward many technological methods.For example: split electrode method simple electrode generation method, conjugate rotary processing method

E Local electric field induction method in edM grinding, etc. Among them, powder mixing processing method was developed by Japanese scholar Maori Shangwu, etc


        What factors will affect the speed of linear cutting

Generally according to the surface roughness requirements to choose.Therefore, the most critical factor affecting the processing speed is the thickness of the workpiece.

The main working principle of wire cutting is: a capacitor is formed between the workpiece and the electrode wire. When the distance is very close, the surface is convex (because the workpiece has surface roughness, from the microscopic point of view, the surface of the workpiece is uneven). Partly because the distance is closer, local breakdown of capacitance is likely to occur, resulting in local short circuit.The heat generated by the short-circuit current makes the local temperature rise sharply and vaporizes and corroded the convex part of the surface to remove the material.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)

1. The main factors affecting the processing speed are the thickness of the workpiece and the current:

2. The thicker the workpiece, the larger the area to be vaporized, and the processing speed naturally decreases;

In addition, the short circuit current cannot be infinite, otherwise the machine will be destroyed directly. A cut-off value must be set. When the short circuit current reaches this setting value, it will not rise any more.Therefore, if the current cutoff value is set to be large, it means that the current is large, the heat generated is large, and the corrosion rate is naturally accelerated.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid injection molding tooling

However, the current is too large and the corrosion is large, which is unfavorable to improve the surface quality of the workpiece.current


What materials are available for the appropriate mold

In the customer's project, the right mold material is critical to making manufacturing decisions.Volume and requirements, investment, and design complexity often involve considerations such as intended use, mold structure, etc.We will help you weigh these advantages to find a good solution that meets your product needs.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)plastic injection molding companies 

Esoar technologies provide complete tooling manufacturing capabilities and instant support for tool modifications.From prototyping to tooling, we can make injection tools using stainless steel, 7075 aluminum, NAK80 aluminum semi-hardened steel and H13 fully hardened steel.It can also be coated on the mold, EDM texturing and a series of etched textures,

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The advantages of cubic meter

The three-dimension measuring instrument has a base and chooses a stable marble platform, which is solid, stable and durable, and has a shock-proof structure, which is not easily affected by the external environment temperature and vibration.The e cubic meter has a stable equipment structure. The cubic meter is more and more widely used in PCB and computer peripheral measurement fields.CMM's load table aluminum alloy and precise paint design, not susceptible to humidity, temperature, dust, to ensure long-term measurement accuracy and reproducibility.Precise positioning servomotor, the cubic meter can be driven by a user-friendly handle, or by software using a mouse.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)prototype injection molding

Since the advent of the first three-dimensional measuring machine in the mid-1960s, with the progress of computer technology and the development of electronic control system and detection technology, three-dimensional measuring machine, referred to as CMM, has provided strong technical support for the development of three-dimensional measuring machine in the direction of high precision and high speed.CMM measurement can be divided into contact measurement and non-contact measurement as well as contact and non-contact combined measurement. The early CMM was mainly used for measurement and detection. With the development of advanced manufacturing technology, especially the extensive application of FMS technology, the position of cubic meter measuring machine in engineering has been paid more and more attention(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid injection molding

Three dimensional measuring instrument, mainly refers to a three-dimensional point to carry on the measurement of a kind of instrument, the market also has called three coordinates, three coordinates measuring machine, three dimensional coordinate measuring instrument, three dimensional coordinate measuring instrument.

Three coordinates and three dimensions are the same thing, but some people call it different, it's a tool for space measurement.The main principles are:

By placing the measured object in the three-dimensional measurement space, the coordinate positions of the measured points on the measured object can be obtained. According to the spatial coordinate values of these points, the geometric dimensions, shapes and positions of the measured object can be calculated.Basic principle is through the detection sensor (probe) and measurement of spatial axis movement, the geometrical element to be measured in discrete space point location, and then through the certain mathematical calculation, the completion of the analysis of the measured point (point group) by fitting, eventually restore the measured geometric elements, and on the basis of the calculation with the theoretical value (nominal value), the deviation between the measured parts to complete the inspection work.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)adfs rapid restore tool


Benefit of mould manufacturing process

Customers can combine several similar parts for home tools to save even more money.Experienced in engineering design and cost effective die design.Easoar can work well with the customer's design engineers.A good solution means sufficient communication, while ensuring that you have a choice of resources available.Can meet the needs of rapid production and cost reduction(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid injection molding process

, we usually use the mother die to quickly replace the mold base, which has been proven to save mold time and reduce cost.More importantly, engineering changes only involve MUD mold inserts, not the entire standard mold base.In addition, manual or semi-automatic inserts are often used in rapid die processing.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid market assessment tool

With this production tool approach, the cost of investment is kept low and required changes can be implemented quickly if any changes are made.



  Low cost and short trial production cycle of the rapid aluminum mold


Aluminum is a very strong conductor of heat.Faster cooling usually means significantly less cycle time and faster parts, and allows us to process without having to process some cooling channels.

Tools made of aluminum are easier to work than those made of steel.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)injection blow molding machine china

The AL7075 aluminum mold is as strong and durable as the traditional P20 mold.Due to various factors, such as cost, delivery time, quantity, etc., many injection molding companies begin to pay more attention to aluminum injection molds and tools.Compared with hard steel, aluminum moulds reduce the cost of making moulds because aluminum can be machined 15 to 30 percent faster and polished 3 to 10 times faster.Strict tolerances and various surface finishes and textures?Easoon  has years of experience in creating fast aluminum molds

1: Through the optimization of mold design and processing, aluminum mold has far exceeded the expected service life of the mold.Aluminum cavity can reach 100,000 product life expectancy.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)top 10 injection molding companies

2: Aluminum can be used to make MUD molds, which means lower mold costs and faster production conversion, and provides excellent flexibility for just-in-time scheduling.

3: The faster processing efficiency of aluminum enables us to directly process molds, such as ribs, radii, sharp edges and so on.Reduced EDM and Wire EDM processing time



        Low volume vacuum casting for plastic shell

Low volume production is a trouble, because the order is not big enough, large factories often do not accept, customers often have high requirements for the production technology, at this time, what should be done to make their own satisfactory production results?(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)advantages of rapid tooling

Easoon believe that I can give you a satisfactory answer, there is no limit to the number of here, even if only do a, the factory will order, so we don't need to worry, the problem of quantity your need to order a few, a few extremely convenient, completely don't need to struggle, or compromise.

And such small batch production also don't have to worry about quality is bad, because even a small amount of production, and also has a very standard production process, and has a special, even if has a detailed structure figure, also can use 3 d printing for production directly, ensure that the product of integration, the most accurate shape and quality.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)aluminum injection mold company

Vacuum casting is usually used for small batch functional prototype production.First of all, I need to process a prototype out of the box with surrounding processing board, into the silica gel, after curing, separate the silica gel mold left and right, take out the prototype, then close the left and right silica gel mold, add plastic heating curing and take out the product!

Polyurethane with different physical properties enables prototypes to perform functional tests under different conditions, including mechanical load, thermal load and other reliability tests.You can also get production-like results, including color, finish, texture and soft feel.Compared to traditional molds and injection molding, it can create customized and complex small batch production parts more quickly and can improve development efficiency.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)silicone injection molding companies


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