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fragrant stone powder

DIY/Custom model,Aromatherapy plaster model
Customize silicone molds according to pictures or real objects
Custom silicone mold USA, Custom resin mold USA
Country Origin : Paris Mix plaster of paris with water in water 60: 100 plaster (in gram) [This component only provides a reference for novices, and the producer can change the component by himself.
 Where to used ? *Use to make handicraft * Aroma Stone * Fragrance stone The slipperiness of the diffused stone lies in the proficiency of the producer & the details of the handling of the bubble. The proficiency is very important. Only the constant practice of the diffused stone can make a smooth diffused stone. If the bubbles are not handled well, there will be holes when they are made. Those holes are caused by improper handling of the bubbles.Custom silicone mold USA, Custom resin mold USA
 Hardworking exercises can be familiar with mastering skills. The plaster of paris we sell is imported, without adding any additives & powders. The finished product is white, medium solidification time. [The solidification time averages 1-5 hours, see the amount of water] [Complete drying time is 24-48 hours or longer, according to model size]
The finished product is white in color and has a medium solidification time.Custom silicone mold USA, Custom resin mold USA
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