What qualifications and abilities do industrial designers need to have?
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easoon made provides the product development  and egineering service!

What qualifications and abilities do industrial designers need to have?
easoon made provides the product development  and egineering service!

First of all, it is necessary to have a solid foundation in the natural sciences, a good foundation in the humanities, arts and sciences, and the ability to use language and writing correctly. I have systematically mastered a wide range of technical and theoretical knowledge in this field, including design performance foundation, product design foundation, design , ergonomics, product manufacturing technology foundation, computer-aided design, product packaging and decoration, advertising, corporate image design and corporate management, etc. With the ability of new product development and research, and has a strong design expression ability, practical ability, creative design ability; Strong computer aided engineering design ability and foreign language application ability.
Designers of industrial design are different from ordinary designers. They should not only have an artistic foundation, but also have a good understanding of the craftsmanship of their products. There is a gap between art schools and engineering schools. Art colleges give people sensual and external things. Engineering schools focus on the core things, the inner things. And if they want to work in this industry, they need to integrate design knowledge and expertise.
Designers should have good sketching and freehand drawing skills. Write smoothly, not slowly. The key is to be fast and unconstrained, have a good model making technology, master vector drawing software CorelDraw, pixel drawing software PS, at least can use 3D modeling software Pro /E,UG, Freeform... 2D drawing software AutoCAD, etc.
Designers need to have a unique ability to have a good eye for form, a keen sense of the positive and negative structure of space, and produce design drawings ranging from smooth sketches to detailed depictions to three-dimensional renderings. Have a full understanding of the whole process of product design and manufacturing to market, and have a very accurate grasp of the design process schedule.
Many design majors can't meet the needs of enterprises after graduation. Because students only have design knowledge, but no corresponding product knowledge, which makes their design can not be practiced. Therefore, if you want to be a good industrial designer, you also need to have a lot of design experience, the knowledge of the corresponding products, and the accumulation of successful design cases