Vacuum mould is one of the three processing methods of hand sample
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  Vacuum mould is one of the three processing methods of hand sample

The advantages of polyurethane laminated hand sample are those
Vacuum mould is one of the three processing methods of hand sample
Vacuum mold commonly used casting material is polyurethane, so we talk about the details and advantages of polyurethane plate.
PU copy manual details.
First, performance indicators.
silicone mold: silica gel mold (service life 10-25 pieces); Casting material: two component polyurethane polyurethane.
Common materials: polyurethane resin, polyurethane resin; Physical properties: similar to ABS, PP, nylon, PMMA/PC transparent parts, soft rubber parts, high temperature resistant parts (150 ℃), refractory materials.

General working time :1-4 hours/piece; Standard reproduction accuracy: 0.20mm / 100mm; Casting sample thickness: minimum 0.5 mm, the best 1.5 mm -5 mm; Maximum cast workpiece :2000 mm X1200 mm X100 mm; Laminating hand plate processing can only be used ten times at most.
The second is the complex mold processing technology.
Put the nc machined or 3D printed, SLA and SLS machined prototype in the center of the simple mold; Then liquid silica gel is poured into the mold, and the mold is divided into two parts with a sharp blade. The prototype is removed from the solidified silica gel mold, and the same cavity as the prototype is vacated. Finally, the liquid composite is injected into the mold and the material is allowed to solidify in the mold to form a product identical to the prototype.
The advantages of polyurethane laminated hand plate.

1. High strength
Polyurethane casting (composite) data is rigid or flexible plastic.
Dual - mode hand pieces are generally stronger than injection - molded pieces and better than 3D - printed pieces.
Second, good expansibility.
The polyurethane casting process is suitable for small batch production in quantities from 1 to hundreds.
In general, it can be known that a silica gel mold can accurately cast 20-25 hand plate parts, the maximum number varies according to part design and material casting.
Third, more information.
PU casting (composite mold) can supply a variety of rigid, flexible materials, can choose to do soft rubber, ABS,PC and other plastic products.
And the color of the complex mold part can be mixed according to customer requirements.
4. Fast delivery
PU casting (duplicate mold) Due to the short mold production time, we can quickly make the silicone mold according to the prototype provided by the customer, and can ship the product within 5-15 working hours. Compared with similar products, the injection molding part cycle takes several months to complete.
The above is the introduction of the related matters of polyurethane laminated hand plate.
Do you know more about polyurethane hand plate?
For small batch sample production with certain practical requirements, duplicate hand plate is a good choice

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