What are the applications and characteristics of silicone mold
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What are the applications and characteristics of silicone mold

What are the applications and characteristics of  silicone mold
Silicone composite mold is also called vacuum composite mold, is the use of the original piece, in the vacuum state to make silica gel mold, and PU, silica gel, nylon ABS and other materials in the vacuum state pouring, can be the same as the original piece of the cloned material, the reduction rate of 99.8%.
Low cost, no open mold, short production cycle, service life of about 15-25 times, suitable for small batch customization.
What is the silicone mold like?
What are the applications and features?
Let's take a look.
Silica gel molding process.
Silicon composite materials: ABS,PC,PP,PMMA,PVC, rubber, high temperature resistant materials.
1. Manufacturing prototypes: According to the 3D drawings provided by customers, manufacturing prototypes through CNC machining, SLA laser rapid prototyping or 3D printing.
2, pouring silica gel mold: after making a good prototype, manufacturing the mold frame, fixing the prototype, pouring silica gel, 8 hours after drying, open the mold to take out the prototype, the silica gel mold manufacturing is completed.
3. Injection type: the liquid injection silicone mold plastic material, in 60-70 ℃ thermostat demoulding curing 30 to 60 minutes later, in 70-80 ℃ when necessary in the constant temperature box of secondary curing of 2 to 3 hours.
The service life of the silicone mold is generally 15-20 times.
What are the applications of silica gel compound mold?

1. Plastic hand plate: raw materials are plastic, mainly some plastic products, such as TV, monitor, telephone, etc.
The most common photosensitive resin in 3D hand plate samples is the plastic hand plate class.
Silica gel coated hand plate: its raw material is silica gel, which is mainly used to show the design and appearance of products, such as cars, mobile phones, toys, crafts, daily necessities, etc.
Third, the characteristics of silica gel mold.
1. The advantages of silica gel composite mold are as follows:
1) Low production cost.
The processing cost is much lower than CNC machining and 3D printing;
2) Short production cycle.
Save mold opening time, greatly improve production efficiency;
3) No mould opening.
Save mold opening time, for customers to win valuable time for new product research and development, to seize the market opportunity;
4) High reduction degree and low process failure rate;
5) Suitable for small batch production, short customization time, low cost;
6) Fine workmanship, no rough edges.
2. Compared with other hand plate process, vacuum duplicate mold has the following characteristics: no mold opening, low processing cost, short production cycle, high imitation, suitable for small batch production.
Favored by the high and new technology industry, silica gel complex mold can accelerate research and development, avoid unnecessary money and time cost waste in the process of research and development.
Small batch silica gel template characteristics

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