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The glass bottle's process is to send a 3D model to a 3D printing service manufacturer|easoar-soon

The glass bottle's process is to send a 3D model to a 3D printing service manufacturer|




People love glass bottles because they are curvy and cleverly designed.


But the mass aesthetic is changeable, to design and craft put forward higher request.


How to express the creativity of designers quickly and accurately, transparent glass bottles can now be processed with 3D printed transparent resin.


Easoar-soon 3D Printing will introduce you to 3D printed transparent bottle prototype products for rapid design.


Using 3D printing technology, using the shortest time and resources, develop products.


Before mass production, customers can consciously observe, touch and feel their products and make adjustments in time.


Using 3D printing technology, through 3D printing equipment and services, shorten THE 3D modeling time, optimize the production process, reduce the budget, improve the aesthetic effect, use 3D printing technology to make each sample, help customers choose the solution that best meets their needs.


The process of 3D printing glass bottles is to send a 3D model to a 3D printing service manufacturer.


The printing process is that the 3D printed model is not completely transparent, it needs to be polished and sprayed with oil to be completely transparent, which requires that the bottle can be polished to be completely transparent.


Ordinary bottle mouth is very small, if the whole printing, can not achieve full transparency, because the inside grinding is not, need to open the bottom to leave empty, can be polished fully transparent.


The above is the 3D printing transparent bottle prototype product introduced by Wukong Printing Workshop for you to achieve rapid design. I hope it can provide you with reference.


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