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By jett NG | 31 August 2021 | 0 Comments

The difference between hand sample and compound model hand plate|easoar-soon

The difference between hand sample and compound model hand plate


With the emergence of the and sample the cost of the mold is greatly reduced. The hand plate plays a very big role in the field of mold. Before opening the mold, it is necessary to do the hand plate to check the mold drawing.


Hand plate processing has CNC processing, 3D printing, vacuum mold three ways, the following mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the hand plate and its processing technology.


First, the advantages of the hand sample


1, the production cost is low,  hand sample molding industry, often using vacuum silica gel mold for small batch production;


2, the life of silica gel mold can be repeated to produce 10-20 pieces of hand plate products;


3. High speed, general working time :1-4 hours/piece;


4, the standard copy accuracy of the complex model hand plate: ±0.20mm / 100mm;


5, according to customer requirements, can produce various colors of products, beautiful and generous;


6. Suitable for complex product structure, uniform wall thickness, meet certain functional requirements of the trial production samples.


Second, the shortcomings of the hand plate.


1, the product needs the original sample, in order to reproduce the production.


The original sample referred to here can be provided by the customer or processed by CNC according to the customer's needs.


2. For large and thin products, shrinkage should be considered in the process of vacuum mould production, resulting in small product size;


3, hand proofing can not be mass production, single cost is relatively high.


Third, the processing technology of the hand plate.


Copying hand plate proofing is to use the original sample, in the vacuum state to make silica gel mold, and the use of PU data in the vacuum state for pouring.


If less samples are required, duplicate mold technology can be used for manufacturing.


Mould manufacturing cost is low, but the template hand - held template will have a certain proportion of shrinkage.


The price of manual model is lower than that of NUMERICAL control.


Common PU, Tongming PU, rubber and so on are complex PU data.


The procedure is as follows:


Original: An original silicone mold needs to be made before production, which can be made by CNC machining or 3D printing.


Silica gel mold: When the silica gel mold is ready, the production of the silica gel mold is started. Eight hours later, the silica gel mold is cut and removed. At this time, the silica gel mold is ready.


3. Injection molding: Liquid material is injected into the silica gel mold. After drying, the life of the silica gel mold is about 10 times.


Above is the introduction of related matters about the complex template, I hope to help you.


In order to reduce the cost and speed up the production efficiency, enterprises must consider clearly the processing mode of handban model before making it.

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