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By jett NG | 20 August 2021 | 0 Comments

How to fix the common problem in cnc machining|www.easoar-soon.com

                    How to fix the common problem in cnc machining|www.easoar-soon.com   


Several possible reasons for CNC knife collision


CNC machining milling machine is a program - controlled automatic machine tool. As a popular CNC processing equipment in the past decade, CNC has penetrated into many fields of the processing industry. With the characteristics of efficient, precise control and automatic tool change, CNC has incomparable advantages over ordinary machine tools, and also represents the trend of machine processing to a certain extent.




However, the actual process is not as simple as imagined. CNC has many links such as starting, tool clamping, parameter setting and so on. Is the so-called more powerful function, the higher the failure rate, each link has the possibility of error. Operator error, tool strength mismatch, and parameter Settings can lead to a number of problems. Light damage to the machine, heavy threat to the safety of employees.




For enterprises, machine damage is not only related to maintenance problems, but also may lead to expected products can not be delivered on time, affecting the reputation; For employees, an operation error that results in a collision with a knife or machine damage can involve huge compensation and even life-threatening injuries. Therefore, complete CNC machining center safety operating specifications, is necessary for the factory, but also operators must be familiar with.


Machine tool damage caused by improper operation of staff


The following giFs are all accidents caused by improper operation. Managers and operators should take this as a warning, standardize operation, correct use of the machine, to ensure the normal operation of the machine and personal safety.


It is worth mentioning that although there are differences in materials between metal processing and wood processing, from a safety point of view, the attention required by both is the same and similar. Among them, CNC collision accident is the most common problem affecting the normal operation of machine tools. What links may cause a knife collision accident? Are there any special points that the operator should pay attention to?

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