CNC machine processing parts, processing accuracy out of the problem how to do|
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CNC machine processing parts, processing accuracy out of the problem how to do|

CNC machine processing parts, processing accuracy out of the problem how to do|

In the actual processing process of the workpiece, we should also according to the specific workpiece processing accuracy and technological requirements and specific processing conditions, reasonable choice of the correct operation method, in order to ensure the accuracy of the product. The precision of the machining center affects the processing quality, Easoon made will consider from the following aspects: the choice of the machine tool, the choice of the tool handle, the choice of the tool, the processing scheme, the program generation, the operator requirements, etc., in order to ensure that the CNC parts processing, processing accuracy will not be a problem.


1. The workpiece size is accurate and the surface finish is poor


Cause of failure: tool tip damaged, not sharp; The machine tool produces resonance, placing is not stable; The machine tool has creep phenomenon; Processing technology is not good.


Solution: the tool is not sharp after wear or damage, then re-sharpen the knife or choose a better tool to re-knife; The machine tool produces resonance or placement is not stable, adjust the level, lay the foundation, fixed and stable; The reason for mechanical crawling is that the drag plate guide rail is badly worn and the lead screw ball is worn or loosened. The machine tool should be maintained carefully. After work, the iron wire should be cleaned and lubricating oil should be added in time to reduce friction. Choose the coolant suitable for the workpiece processing, and try to choose the higher spindle speed when it can meet the processing requirements of other processes.


2. The workpiece produces taper head phenomenon


Cause of failure: the level of machine tool placement is not adjusted well, one high one low, resulting in unstable placement; When turning the long shaft, the contribution material is hard, and the cutter is deep, resulting in the phenomenon of making the cutter; The tail thimble is different from the spindle.


Solution: Use the level gauge to adjust the levelness of the machine tool, lay a solid foundation, fix the machine tool to improve its toughness; Choose a reasonable process and appropriate cutting feed to avoid the force of the tool to let the tool; Adjust the tailstock.




CNC is easy to catch fire when processing titanium material, need to pay attention to the matters


CNC in the processing of titanium will be easy to catch fire, first of all to understand what kind of metal titanium is, because titanium is a very special metal, the texture is very light, but also very tough and corrosion resistance, titanium alloy strength is high, it is small density, strength, density is half of steel and steel strength; Titanium is resistant to both high and low temperatures. It can maintain high strength in such a wide temperature range as -253℃ ~ 500℃. The following figure shows the density table of various metals:



In understanding titanium will pay attention to when processing, best to consider when using cutting tool titanium special cutter, when choosing open coarse by broadsword, want to combine the machine parameters, (the following is our factory machine parameters are not necessarily suitable for other machine), when the rotational speed between 6000 and 8000, 1000 to 1500, feed turning can count don't go as far as possible the z, had better use side edge processing, The spacing is between 0.5, not more than the radius of the knife, and it must be used to walk Z number and not to measure the knife.


Because the titanium strength is hard, the tool is easy to wear, the titanium plate is more sticky, easy to wrap slag, the small tool speed is higher, the speed is 12000 to 13000, the smoothness is required. There should be a tool life on the machine tool.




Cutting fluid to use titanium special cutting fluid, the best water cutting fluid


1, to clean up the residue;


2, to ensure that the cutting fluid flow is large enough to accurately spray on the tip, once the Mars, it is difficult to control;


3. The machine tool is equipped with foam fire extinguisher (dry dust does not work);


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