Aluminum prototype service aluminum parts knurled sticky chips|
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Aluminum prototype service aluminum parts knurled sticky chips|

                      Aluminum prototype service aluminum parts knurled sticky chips


Aluminum prototype service  and aluminum parts knurling sticky chips is relatively easy to solve, only need to find out the cause of occurrence, targeted to make some improvements, the following summary of several processing knurling prone to sticky chips, can be self control.prototype manufacturing USA




Knurling processing dust


One, the cause of the problem:


Prophase processing effect can be, but there is no clear in time to continue processing after the knurled wheel debris, can appear the grain is not deep enough, slight aggregates, even on the surface of grain is not clear, the cutting tool is removed from the machine after cleaning, mount continue to processing, after a while or repeated this kind of situation, basic is above the knurled wheel with copper scrap, seriously hindered the knurling processing, The general reasons for this are:

1. In the knurling wheel of the knurling knife, it is not easy to clean because of the high temperature of processing and the glued aluminum chips


2, knurling at the beginning of the knife pressure is too small and knurling knife and workpiece surface contact surface is too large


3. Knurling wheel itself has wear and tear and tooth collapse


4, the workpiece speed is too high during processing, causing skidding


5. Coolant is not sprayed in time





The solution


1. Use the coolant with better quality and increase the water pressure to clean the processing parts


2, the use of double-wheel cutting kaffling knife, due to the cutting process of the tool and product contact surface is small, and the tip is easy to be water cleaning, so greatly reduce the number of copper chips attached


3. Cut the thickness of the knurling wheel a little thinner, which can also alleviate the problem of sticky debris

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