The difference between extrusion knurling and clamp knurling|
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The difference between extrusion knurling and clamp knurling|

The difference between extrusion knurling and clamp knurling


Today, Jiasheng Knurling Tool has done a comparative test to study the difference between extrusion Knurling Tool and clamp Knurling Tool in processing the same product.


Familiar customers all know that the price difference between clamp knurling tools and extrusion knurling tools is relatively large, and they also know that clamp knurling tools can protect the machine equipment to a large extent, but what is the effect of the real processing of knurling road? Let's look at an actual example



Anilox roll flower


Extrusion knurling


This one is produced by extrusion knurling tool. The photo effect is not very good, but we can see that the grain is relatively shallow and the finish is not high enough. This is mainly because the extrusion knurling tool force is not uniform, the contact surface is relatively large, resulting in knurling wheel teeth are difficult to fully press into the workpiece, so it will lead to this situation.

Anilox roll flower


Knurling of clamp type knurling tool


As can be seen from the renderings, the workpiece grain produced by the clamp knurling processing is clear and the grain depth is good. This is mainly because the upper and lower two knurling wheels of the clamp knurling tool are processed at the same time, which can make the product fully bear the force and produce a more beautiful knurling road. Another advantage is that the up and down force can effectively reduce the radial pressure, which can extend the service life of the equipment.

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