How much do you know about turning and milling compound
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 How much do you know about turning and milling compound

                             How much do you know about turning and milling compound

The prominent performance of aviation product parts is many varieties, small batch, complex process, and widely used overall thin-walled structure and difficult-to-process materials, so there are many bottlenecks in the manufacturing process such as long manufacturing cycle, large amount of material removal, low processing efficiency and serious processing deformation. In order to improve the machining efficiency and precision of aviation complex products, technologists have been looking for more precise machining methods. The appearance of turning and milling compound machine tool provides an effective solution to improve the machining accuracy and efficiency of aeronautical parts.

The Turning- Milling-Compound-MachiningCenter is a place where lathe and Milling machine are processed together on a single machine tool. The emergence of turning and milling compound machining center provides an effective solution to improve the machining accuracy and efficiency of aviation parts, and has a decisive influence on the aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments and high-precision medical equipment industries of a country.


I. Application status of turning and milling compound machining in aviation manufacturing

At present, turning and milling combined CNC machining center and system is the most efficient means to solve the processing of impeller, blade, Marine propeller, heavy-duty generator rotor, steam turbine rotor and large diesel engine crankshaft. Turning-milling composite linkage machining center has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision, the workpiece can be completed a complex processing, can adapt to such as automotive parts, aircraft structural parts and other modern mold processing.


There is a great difference between turning and milling compound machining center and pentahedral machining center. The turning and milling compound machining center has five axes, X, Y, Z, A and C. X, Y, Z and A and C axes form turning and milling compound linkage machining, which is good at spatial curved surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, drilling, inclined hole and inclined cutting, etc. And "pentahedral machining center" is similar to the three axis machining center, but it can do five surfaces at the same time, but can not do special-shaped processing, drilling holes and cutting inclined plane. Typical examples include the MUTUS B300Ⅱ (see Figure 1), which has been highly evaluated. The equipment adopts the Thermo-friendly Concept (thermal affinity Concept) to ensure stable machining accuracy. The Collision Avoidance System (Collision Avoidance System) is equipped to achieve a safe operation. Through turning and milling compound to realize from the blank to the finished product one clamping to complete all turning, milling, drilling, tapping and deep boring and other processes of integrated rough finishing.


Big kuma MUlTUS B300Ⅱ turning and milling compound processing

The compound of machine tool is one of the important directions of machine tool development. The compound machine tool also includes turning and milling compound, turning and milling compound, milling compound, cutting and 3D printing compound, cutting and ultrasonic vibration compound, laser and stamping compound and many other forms, the purpose of compound is to make a machine tool with versatility, can be a clamping to complete multiple tasks, improve processing efficiency and accuracy. Compound machine tools, turning and milling compound machine tools are the most common, is also the most used type of compound machine tools. Europe is the world's leading machine tool region, the compound machine tool is also in the forefront of the world. At present, the main equipment suppliers of turning and milling compound machining center are WFL, CHIRON, DMG MORI and other international well-known brands.


Engine shaft turning and milling compound machining

Two, aviation manufacturing turn-milling compound processing typical applications

As a leader in turning and milling technology, WFL Austria is a professional manufacturer of multi-function vehicle - boring - milling machining center. WFL has been committed to the technical development and continuous technical improvement according to the special needs of users. For aerospace, petroleum machinery, Marine crankshaft, printing machinery, plastic machinery and wind power industries and other high-precision complex parts, especially with deep hole, inner hole and cavity complex shape parts processing to provide more flexible and effective solutions, bringing a revolution in processing methods and technology. Among many high-tech companies, the "Millturn" brand stands for machine tools that produce high precision and complex parts. Figure 4 shows the process of composite machining of aircraft landing gear using WFL M80 Millturn turn-milling, including gear machining on landing gear.


Rough machining of aircraft landing gear

(2) The core drive shaft turning and milling compound processing five-axis turning and milling center is the carrier of five-axis turning and milling technology, which refers to a kind of turning function, and the integration of milling and boring and other functions, with at least three linear feed shaft and two circular feed shaft, and equipped with automatic tool change system. This kind of turning and milling compound machining center is developed on the basis of three axis turning center, which is equivalent to a turning center and a machining center compound. Therefore, you can complete all milling, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other processing in one turning and milling center after a clamping. With its wide range of technology and strong ability, it has become the leader of today's composite machining machine tools.


Compared with conventional CNC machining technology, composite machining has outstanding advantages mainly in the following aspects:


(1) shorten the product manufacturing process chain, improve production efficiency. The turning and milling compound machine tool can complete all or most of the processing procedures by clamping at one time, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. On the one hand, the production auxiliary time caused by clamping changes is reduced, and the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of the fixture are also reduced, which can significantly improve the production efficiency.

② reduce the number of clamping, improve the processing accuracy. The reduction of clamping times avoids the error accumulation caused by the conversion of positioning datum. At the same time, most of the current turning-milling compound machine tools have online detection function, which can realize the online detection and precision control of the key data in the manufacturing process, so as to improve the processing accuracy of products.

(3) reduce the floor area, reduce production costs. Although the single price of turning and milling compound machine tool processing equipment is relatively high, but due to the shortening of the manufacturing process chain and the reduction of the equipment needed for the product, as well as the reduction of the number of fixtures, workshop area and equipment maintenance costs, it can effectively reduce the overall investment in fixed assets, as well as the cost of production operation and management.


The figure below shows the composite machining of various precision drive shafts and typical complex precision products by WFL turn-milling.


WFL turning and milling complex precision drive shaft


WFL turn-milling compound processing of typical complex precision products

Japan Yamazaki MAZAK INTEGREX I-V series turning and milling compound machining center, with head tilt mode, is a five-axis machine to achieve high precision machining of heavy workpieces. The INTEGREX i-500v /5 and the INTEGREX i-630v /6 turning and milling compound machining centers represent the fifth generation of MAZAK compound machining machines, which realize the "DONE IN ONE" concept. With milling, turning, gear hobbing, tooth cutting, B-axis inclined processing, five-axis linkage processing and other processes intensive capacity, can be high efficiency, high precision to deal with heavy, large parts of the composite processing. The following figure shows the MAZAK turning-milling composite processing of integral transmission shaft products in the aviation field.


MAZAK turn-milling composite machining integral drive shaft

Today, INTEGREX I - V series products can become the core of intelligent network chemical plant equipment, not only lies in its functions of milling and turning simple "together", but the evolution, including control system, the software system of research and development of innovative thinking, make mechanical and software supplement each other, play the "multiply" effect, It actually creates value for the user. In terms of automation application, this series of products is convenient for users to add pallet production unit modules at any time according to production needs to form an automated production system. It is also convenient for similar models to be expanded into production lines, or even to form a hybrid production line with other types of models to help users achieve more productive goals.

3. Prospects for the application of turn-milling compound machining in aviation manufacturing in China

The main problems in the manufacturing process of aerospace products are prominent, such as long process route, complex process, low processing efficiency, serious deformation and high processing cost. Turning-milling combined machining has a very broad space for development in both aircraft manufacturing and engine manufacturing. In order to give full play to the processing efficiency of advanced composite processing equipment and further improve the manufacturing efficiency and quality of aerospace products, it is urgent to carry out the following four aspects of work:


(1) Combined with the process characteristics of aerospace products parts, in-depth study of the corresponding composite processing technology, including the formulation of the process route, and clamping mode, tool, cooling and cutting parameters and other reasonable selection.

(2) According to the movement structure of composite machining equipment and the process characteristics of products, develop and customize the corresponding CNC programming, post-processing, cutting simulation and other systems to form an integrated solution of process-programs-postprocess-simulation, so as to reduce the requirements of composite machining on technologists.

③ forming process specification. Combined with the process experience accumulated in simulation, trial cutting and actual production, the solidified process specification suitable for turning and milling compound processing is formed, which can be used to guide the subsequent processing of other parts.

④ pay attention to the cultivation of talents. Composite processing equipment is the representative of the current frontier technology in the field of mechanical processing, whether the process preparation or operation and maintenance are more complex than conventional equipment, a high level of research and development team is the key to realize the healthy and efficient operation of equipment.

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