First order from abroad in May|
By jett NG | 03 June 2021 | 0 Comments

  First order from abroad in May|

        First order from abroad in May|


On May 4th, a new customer from the United States searched: "Custom Cnc Machining Services | Prototype Cnc Machining | Cnc Milling Service | Cnc Milling and Turning | Cnc Aluminum | "these words are found Easoon made, the customer first described the size of the product and material to us and asked us to give professional advice. Now let me tell you the whole story of the order.      


1. The customer sent us 3D files on May 4th, which included two formats, STL and STEP files. The whole prototype was divided into three parts: Part A,Part B and Part C. Part A and Part B are CNC Machining Aluminum, and Part C is made of Clear resin. The customer and put forward the request of quotation.


2. After receiving the customer's 3D files, our engineer gave the modification advice after CNC machining review. Because the customer's LOGO part is too deep to be processed and the LOGO notch is too small, it cannot be processed. The customer agrees to change the depth of the LOGO to 1MM.


3. After the discussion and agreement with the customer, the customer adjusted the file and sent the quotation to the customer on May 5th. The customer did not bargain with us and placed an order for one set of prototype on May 6th. This is also the first order in May, the most direct and straightforward order the customer placed.


4. After receiving the order, we will arrange the internal schedule, CNC Machining and 3D printing. After 4 days of processing and surface treatment, the whole order will be completed on May 10th, and the photos will be sent to the customer


5. The sample will be sent by FedEx on May 11th, and the customer will receive the sample on May 17th.


6. We paid a return visit to the customer on May 19th, and the customer gave full affirmation and praise to our prototype. And adjusted the 3D file for the next order.

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