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By jett NG | 05 May 2021 | 0 Comments

Which good magnesium alloy processing?|www.easoar-soon.com

    Which good magnesium alloy processing?


Dongguan easoonmade co., LTD. As a dedicated CNC precision processing plants, had come into contact with the material is very wide, robot parts, aviation navigation parts in the past two years with magnesium alloy processing, magnesium alloy machining accuracy than aluminum alloy precision increased by more than one order of magnitude, in addition to the need to adopt a new machining method or the new mechanism, Special requirements for workpiece materials, processing equipment, tools, measurement and environmental conditions. The workpiece material should be meticulous and uniform, and be properly disposed to reduce the internal residual stress, to achieve a high dimensional stability, reduce the deformation after processing.


Usually used in CNC processing of magnesium alloy grades are: AZ91D, AZ31B, AZ61, magnesium alloy material characteristics are


1. Magnesium alloy has a low density but high strength and good rigidity. Among the existing engineering metals, magnesium has a very small density;


2. Magnesium alloy has good toughness and strong shock absorption.


3. Magnesium alloy is flammable, magnesium element and oxygen element are easy to react, such as CNC cutting heat can not be released in time, it is likely to cause combustion accidents, processing should pay attention to fire prevention.


4. The corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy is poor. Magnesium is prone to galvanic corrosion when contacting with different metals and acts as an anode. Easy to oxidize, surface pitting, CNC processing magnesium alloy should pay attention to seal to prevent oxidation.


Dongguan Easoonmade Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in providing precision CNC magnesium alloy processing, stainless steel parts, aluminum alloy parts, brass parts, titanium alloy parts and other hardware parts machining for medical equipment, aerospace and navigation equipment, robot parts, photoelectric communication equipment and other enterprises.


Any interest or questions can consult dongguan easoonmade co., LTD., there will be a professional online engineer for you 1 to 1 answers.

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