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By jett NG | 04 May 2021 | 0 Comments

Main applications of metal surface conversion film

Main applications of metal surface conversion film


After anodic oxidation process of aluminium alloy, its surface oxide film (also called) after conversion coating, not only can make the aluminum alloy surface has certain corrosion resistance, also has the abrasion resistance and appearance has been greatly improved, and through the anodic oxidation processed workpiece, to a certain extent, improve the adhesion of organic coatings and aging resistance, used for coating coating, in addition, Some conversion films can also improve the insulation and explosion-proof properties of metal surfaces. Surface treatment anodizing processing technology is widely used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, ships, aircraft manufacturing and daily supplies and other fields. Next, we will talk about the basic use of anodic oxidation process, so that we know more clearly the application of oxidation process technology.
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Anti - corrosion, for general requirements of anti-rust parts, such as coating anti-rust oil, use very thin metal transformation film as the bottom layer, for special requirements of anti-rust parts, the workpiece under the action of external force and not subjected to bending, impact, etc., the metal transformation film layer should be uniform and dense, and the film layer is thicker.


Wear and friction reduction. Wear resistant chemical conversion film is needed for parts where metal and metal surface contact and friction, for example


The oxidation film obtained by sulfuric acid oxidation treatment has a good friction resistance coefficient and good oil absorption, will produce a slow impact layer between the metal contact surface, protect the matrix to reduce wear.




The coating bottom, in some cases, chemical conversion film can also be used as the bottom of some metal coating, for example, as the coating bottom chemical conversion film requires a dense film, uniform texture, appropriate thickness, fine grain, etc.


For decoration, metal conversion film can absorb a variety of beautiful colors depending on its decorative appearance or porous nature, and is often used in the decoration of daily items.



The main function of metal conversion film is to improve the binding force between coating and substrate. It is suitable for cold forming processing, plastic processing after forming phosphate film on the metal surface, such as cold stretching of steel pipe, steel wire and other materials, which is one of the latest application fields of phosphate film. When the transformation film is formed on the metal surface, the drawing force can be reduced, so as to prolong the service life of the mold, reduce The Times of drawing and improve the production efficiency.



Functional film such as electrical insulation, phosphate film formed on the surface of the metal surface is a bad conductor of electricity, and good heat resistance, can reduce tool wear during punching processing.


We believe that we have a general knowledge model for the main uses of metal conversion film. If you still want to know more about the metal surface treatment related processes, please contact EASOONMADE

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