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By jett NG | 16 April 2021 | 0 Comments

NBR cork rubber board application scope.

NBR cork rubber board application scope.


NBR rubber cork sheet, cork, also known as NBR rubber sheet, is a common underground waterproofing material, usually set at the site of segment crack, can make the segment joint in the high elastic state, and have enough bearing capacity, so as to adapt to a certain amount of subsidence and long tunnel of creep condition of seam open and dislocation and segment joint waterproof effect can be ensured and can have the effect of fill seams again, at the same time also can reduce the segment joint local stress.

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Main applications of NBR cork glue: mainly used in aviation, automobile, printing, textile and machinery manufacturing industries. Due to the development of modified varieties of NBR, the application prospect of NBR is more and more broad.


In summary, the main products are: manufacturing Rao oil tank, oil pipe, oil limb cloth, oil seal, refueling pipe, oil resistant adhesive zero companion and all kinds of products in contact with Shantou. NBR has good compatibility with PVC, cool acid resin, etc., so it is often modified by blending with resin. PVC is used to improve the processability and impact resistance, and Pantanal resin is used to obtain absorbable materials.


Mainly used in oil resistant products, such as oil resistant tubing, rubber tape, rubber diaphragm, large oil bag, etc., can also be used to make a variety of oil resistant molded products, such as O-ring, oil seal, diaphragm, valve, bellows, hose, seals, foaming agent, etc., can also be used to make rubber plate and wear resistant parts.

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