made prototypes to test the function
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made prototypes to test the function

        Prototype custom

After the 3D design is completed, we need to make a physical object model which is the same as the 3D design figure, to observe whether the appearance is consistent with our own design concept, and to check the rationality of the structural design, production process and assembly...Due to the high cost and long manufacturing time of the mold, once there is a problem in the design, it will be difficult to modify, or even the risk of re-opening the mold, so before opening the mold, making the hand plate is the best way of inspection

At first, the industry was not so developed, and most of the sample models were made by hand, which was also called prototyping because it was made by hand. The early hand plate was made by hand, with a long manufacturing cycle and large data error, so its function of checking the appearance or structural rationality was greatly compromised

With the development of science and technology, the rapid development of CAD and CAM technology provides better technical support for handboard manufacturing, which greatly improves the manufacturing cycle and data error of handboard.

In the new product development process, by using UG, PRO/ E,sliodwork, free from...Various software 3D design, the current hand: it is mainly through 3D printing (laser rapid forming) and (CNC) computer gong processing center processing out, and then through manual assembly, grinding and color, so that the manufacture of the prototyping more mechanized, more accurate data.

According to the materials used in the production, the prototyping can be divided into plastic hand plate (ABS, transparent, soft glue) and metal hand plate.

(1) Plastic prototyping: the raw material is plastic, mainly the hand plate of some plastic products, such as TV, monitor, telephone and so on.

(2) Metal prototyping: its raw materials are aluminum and magnesium alloy and other metal materials, mainly the hand plate of some high-grade products.Such as laptop computers, premium cassette players, MP3 players, CD players and so on.

The prototyping is not only visible, but also touchable. It can directly reflect the designer's creativity in the form of real objects, avoiding the drawback of "drawing looks good but making looks bad".Therefore, handboard production is indispensable in the process of new product development and product appearance elaboration.

The prototyping can be assembled, so it can directly reflect the reasonable structure, installation of the degree of difficulty.It is convenient to find and solve problems as early as possible.Examine the improvement of production process and production efficiency

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