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What are some of the fast manufacturing solutions?

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Update time : 2021-01-20 21:10:19
Are you looking for some of the fast, efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions? We have curated a list of fast manufacturing solutions to consider.
If your business is dependent on the manufacturing process, speed and efficiency are key impacting factors. There are many modern manufacturing options to choose from. As businesses grow, the demand cycles will become more and more erratic. And soon, it becomes difficult to meet the growing demand. Rapid prototyping or a fast manufacturing process helps your business from losing revenue and resolves overstocking concerns.

Rapid prototyping

Developing 3D parts, models, or assemblies using 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing processes is called Rapid Prototyping. These products are often used for research and development or even for product testing. Through this fast manufacturing process, you are able to create multiple versions of the design prototype without additional cost. As a cost-effective tool, rapid prototyping is one of the best choices for product design and research and development. It increases the capacity of production, especially in a competitive marketplace. As a fast and dependable manufacturing process, you are able to test and approve different designs and features. That's not all, you can reduce the operating cost and have increased customer satisfaction by fulfilling orders in a short time.

CNC machining process

Computer numerical control, CNC is a process that utilizes computerized controls to operate and manipulate machine and cutting tools to convert the stock materials into custom parts and designs. The CNC machining process involves, designing the CAD model, converting the CAD file to a CNC program, preparing the CNC machine and finally executing the machining operation. Several manufacturing industries use the CNC machining process to create products needed and to fill their orders. The medical, aerospace, transportation, oil and gas industry are some of the highly dependable on the CNC machining process. Most of the businesses that operate in this industry require small orders of prototypes for testing which can be easily achieved through this process. CNC machines are capable of functioning 24 hours throughout the year and require less supervision

vacuum casting
This is also known as the copying technique and is used for manufacturing small batches of functional plastic products. Vacuum casting is a highly reliable manufacturing process with quick turnarounds and the ability for producing high-quality prototypes. Two essential components required for this process are polyurethanes and silicone molds. As one of the most cost-effective methods of rapid prototyping, it is used to create pre-launch prototypes, samples for marketing and even functional prototypes

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