The customer's praise gave us the greatest encouragement|
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The customer's praise gave us the greatest encouragement|

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Update time : 2021-06-09 15:34:21

                                The customer's praise gave us the greatest encouragement


When we choose CNC processing suppliers, we should know that CNC processing can not only look at the price, but also consider the quality, delivery cycle and after-sales service. Easoon Made is a professional CNC processing plant, which gives unanimous praise after customers receive the products


There are several advantages for your team to make the parts with us :Prototype CNC Machining in UK


1: Top equipments like:3-5Axis Machining CNC,EDM,SLA, SLS, etc.


2: Very experienced team to make the product development,injectiion molding,5-axis cnc machining,rapid prototypes, sheet metal prototypes,convert concept(2d) to product(3d files).


3: Easoon provides fast manufacturing solutions for customers!Prototype CNC Machining in UK, plastic casting for manufacturing without steel mold which helps customer save the time and money! (low-cost fabrication in small batch volume)


Good CNC processing companies often have advanced production equipment, perfect processing technology and professional technical team; In order to make the machining parts of good quality and high precision, according to customer requirements in the material, processing methods, surface treatment technology or structural adjustment of reasonable and economic suggestions; Strong principle of confidentiality of information, signed confidentiality agreement with customers before the processing of parts, to ensure that their products will not be leaked risk; Excellent after-sales service, customer feedback after receiving the product problems, can put forward solutions in time, specifically do those optimization management process!


1. Optimized the operation scheduling of CNC machining workshop


In the past, the production of the workshop was directly arranged by the foreman for the processing and production of CNC machinedparts, and the operator would arrange the next one after finishing one piece, so it was impossible to macroscopically consider the resources and load conditions. The job shop scheduling optimization scheduling system, the system when scheduling according to the predefined precedence rules, waiting for homework from date of delivery, and parts processing process and equipment comprehensive consideration, all the artifacts from all processes on the equipment to process the order, every working procedure, and set up processing equipment plan.


2. Real-time monitoring of CNC workshop operation


Shop operation mainly refers to the CNC machining of the workpiece. The production and processing of the workpiece using barcode management, each workpiece has a barcode, in the workshop production and processing must be brushed barcode, so that the whole parts of the production process for real-time monitoring, record and status (start to suspend completion) processing, to achieve data traceability. Workshop management personnel can query the processing status of each workpiece and each process at any time, the current task and dynamic load of each equipment, whether the workpiece is being processed is delayed, etc. In addition, in the past, it takes several days for statisticians to complete the monthly report of working hours in the workshop, while the information management system can be completed only in a few minutes, which greatly reduces the work intensity of the managers and improves the work efficiency.


3, CNC processing workshop strictly according to the scheduling results of orderly production and processing


Overload is the process by which all overloaded artifacts are placed in an outsourced directory for management coordination. For emergency tasks, equipment failure, rework and repair and other special cases in production, the processing will be arranged on several other motorized equipment. The motorized equipment will not participate in the scheduling, so that it will not impact the scheduling plan, so as to improve the continuity and controllability of the production process and ensure the efficient operation of production.
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