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5-axis CNC machining what suits your business|www.easoar-soon.com

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                                                                        5-axis CNC machining what suits your business
Computer numerical control (CNC) machines have been around for many years. They can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the production process. This machine is widely used in various industries to produce various simple and complex parts. These machines are divided into three types according to their motion axes-3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machines. All CNC machines are designed with at least three axes-X, Y and Z. The three-axis machine is the most commonly used model of CNC machine tools.
It is understood that in a 4-axis CNC machine tool, the fourth axis (A axis) rotates around the X axis, and there is a B axis rotation on the 5 axis. There are three axes of rotation: A, B, and C. In recent years, 5-axis CNC machining services have become more and more popular.
What is five-axis machining?
This term means that the tool can move in five directions at the same time. In addition to the X, Y, and Z axes, these machines can also use any of the A, B, and C rotation axes. Because they rotate around the X, Y, and Z axes around a half axis, they are called rotation axes. Round or appropriate 180 degree angle. Because of the advantages of this rotating shaft, this type of machining is usually the first choice in industries that require complex machining.
Several key points of five-axis machining.
The following factors make 5-axis machining between industries faster:
Simple and quick setup:
Because the tool can rotate on 5 axes, there is no need to set an intermediate interrupt. In addition to the bottom plate and clamping area, users can also work on all surface surfaces. For 3-axis machine tools, it is very difficult to process complex parts with multiple faces. However, the use of 5-axis machining is very simple, because the entire work only needs to be installed once. This method can help technicians reduce the trouble and save time caused by intermittent settings.
Suitable for complex shapes:
The 5-axis machine tool can quickly obtain different mechanical arcs and angles, and can be set through multiple positions, and additional fixtures are required. These machines reduce the need for additional fixtures and can create multiple complex shapes with one setup without sacrificing quality or accuracy.
Improve tool cycle and life:
In 5-axis CNC machining, unlike 3 and 4-axis CNC machining, the collision between the tool and the tool post is minimal or zero. This method can be done by tilting one direction on the cutting table or tool. Zero collision means extending the life and cycle of the tool. The inclination also helps to maintain the best cutting position while maintaining the consistency of the chip load.
Five-axis cnc machining
Improve parts accuracy:
For a long time, accuracy has been an important requirement of various industries. Because the 5-axis CNC machine tool can quickly move the tool in all directions required, so there is no need to move the workpiece between different work tables. When the part is moved out of the machine, its exact alignment will be lost, which will affect its accuracy. However, in 5-axis CNC machining, the entire machining is completed at one time, thus ensuring the high precision of the workpiece.
Fast material removal:
It adopts 5-axis CNC machining, and the tool keeps tangent to the workpiece. This can quickly remove material and save the user's tool time.
Minimum tool vibration:
5-axis CNC machine tool supports short tools.
The latest 5-axis CNC machine tools can support short tool heads to avoid tool vibration. Moreover, this short knife can ensure fast cutting.
Improve surface treatment process:
The 5th axis helps the part approach the cutting tool. This can also guide the short knife to obtain a better surface finishing effect. In this way, the CNC machining workshop can get a good surface treatment in a short turnaround time.
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