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3D printing
3D printing

3d printing prototype customization

Conventional prototype production is still to find professional processing manufacturers, but also to its precision requirements, generally speaking, try to choose ABS material, so that the production and processing speed is faster, can effectively ensure the aesthetic.However, some details also need our attention when making CNC handboard.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid prototype&3d printing

Determine its performance.Regardless of the scope of our prototype, we should determine the appropriate performance prior to production.High temperature resistance, wear resistance, high toughness of the product material requirements are different, and whether the need for overall processing and material.Only determine the good performance, in order to better choose materials.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid prototype service

What should be paid attention to in 3d printing prototype customization

Define the surface treatment.The surface treatment of such products includes electroplating, frosting, oil spraying, etc., and the processing cost and duration of different effects will vary greatly. Therefore, it is crucial to determine your own requirements in advance.You can also do your own design first, and then negotiate with the processing party to determine the final surface treatment effect.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)sla rapid prototypes

Fees are determined in advance.Because batch processing hand board also needs to invest a lot of costs, so the overall calculation is also very critical, first to determine their own needs and budget, and then choose a cost-effective business is also very critical.As far as possible to choose large processing manufacturers to cooperate, reasonable price, professional stronger, so that there is more security.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)sls china


Aluminum 3D printing design can not be ignored by the use of advice

At present, the most common 3D printing material on the market is still nylon. Compared with other materials, its quotation is more favorable. Besides, it is also a kind of plastic material, which is easy to be processed in post processing.The most important is that it will not gradually soften with high temperature, melting point is more obvious, and it is easier to shape.And in the design, the use of nylon printing materials also have some Suggestions worth reference.

Design with some leeway.3D printing can directly print out our design, and it can also check for loopholes and make modifications in time if problems arise, which is also a printing mode highly recognized by many designers.And in the design process, we must leave room and space, once the problem, the post-processing should be easier.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)rapid sheet metal

Printing must be accurate.Although there are many similar printing equipment in the market, and nylon material is not expensive, considering that all the models we print are to be processed after production, and if there are any problems, they need to be modified in time, so the precision must be guaranteed.It is better to directly find a professional manufacturer to help us print.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)sla prototype

Make sure again after modification.Nylon models are easy to handle manually. If there is a defect in the design, it can be corrected in time, and it will not have much impact.However, in order to ensure that there is no problem with the product we designed, it is suggested that the model should be reprinted after modification, and the batch production can only be carried out after confirmation.

Aluminum 3D printing design can not be ignored by the use of advice


 Nylon 3D printing has attracted the attention of the industry for its advantages.


 Technological progress not only makes people's life easier, but also saves many steps in the work of many industries.In particular, the birth of 3D printing makes modeling and design much easier, and this printing mode has been recognized by many industries.Nylon as a relatively common material for 3D printing, we are also very familiar with it, and the advantages of this kind of printing are gradually showing.Advantage one, the overall price is more cost-effective.Compared with other materials, nylon is not only very plastic, but also printing precision has improved a lot.The most important, but also a lot of businesses are very optimistic about the reasonableness of the price, which for mass production and use of businesses, virtually save a lot of   
costs.Advantage two, print effect is better.It is also used for 3D printing, but the printing effect of nylon material is better. It will not be gradually softened by temperature rise and is relatively easy to shape, especially for printing some industrial-grade precision part models. Nylon is also used by many manufacturers.At present in our country such printing way is being promoted gradually, and has become an indispensable important auxiliary force for designers.Compared with traditional production models in the past, 3D printing does save time and makes post-processing and production much easier. In the future, it will have more development space.Nylon 3D printing has attracted much attention from the industry for its advantages(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)online 3d printing



High temperature resistant 3D printing processing side to choose to have skills


The design of any part in industrial equipment is so sophisticated that thousands of modifications can be made to the model before it can be mass-produced.In order to ensure the precision of industrial-grade 3D printing, we must find a professional manufacturer, and when choosing a processing side, we must master certain skills.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)fdm 3d printing

Know the market.At present, THE application of 3D printing in China is becoming more and more extensive, and there are many manufacturers doing the corresponding design and processing. We must know some current market before choosing.On the one hand is to understand the technical level, on the other hand is to know the specific industry quotation how much, in order to ensure that find a cost-effective business to cooperate.

Professional comparison.After all, the industrial processing and ordinary processing must be very different, the precision requirements will be higher, naturally we still want to choose a strong professional processing side.It is better to compare several companies, so that at least we can know which one is more capable, but also can ensure that we meet the requirements.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)3d printing china

In view of this type of printing industry in China's rise is not too long, so in order to ensure industrial printing precision and professional standards, we must choose and regular manufacturers to cooperate, only in this way can we protect our rights and interests.If you want to cooperate for a long time, you can also have a simple understanding and finally make a reasonable choice.

High temperature resistant 3D printing processing side to choose to have skills


What should be paid attention to in 3D printing


In order to ensure the optimal state of industrial production, 3D printing has become an indispensable part of many industries. Moreover, such printing technology has become increasingly mature and can be printed with different materials, which really makes the production much easier.But after all, industrial design precision is high, so there are certain precautions for printing.

Note one, the design leaves room.Although 3D printing is only a judgment to determine whether the design product has defects, etc., there should be a "margin" at the beginning of the design.In particular, the design of the product as far as possible to have a certain gap, once the design to be reprocessed, can also avoid a variety of problems.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)china 3d printing 

Second, professional printing is the key.Even if the effect of our design is perfect and very precise, if the printing cannot ensure the best effect, it will be more likely to cause problems, and even affect the post-production.So this type of printing as far as possible to professional processing side, to ensure the best printing effect.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)china 3d printing companies

Note three, clear processing methods.Different types of processing, processing will be different, and the final printing effect is not the same.Therefore, we must first make clear the processing method, and then determine the other party's quotation and later cooperation services, in order to avoid late we and the processing party appear unnecessary disputes.

What should be paid attention to in 3D printing


Professional design and processing of 3D-printed shells are equally important


In the design process, many parts need to be modified many times, and also need to be modeled, so that you can know where problems occur, how to modify, and so on.Since the 3d printing technology has made the design much easier, it is also easier to find the corresponding problems in time, and design modification is much easier.But taking advantage of this printing technology is not just about design, it's also about professionalism.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)easoon prototypes reviews

No matter what industry we are engaged in, since we are engaged in design, the products we design in the later stage should be put into mass processing and production, directly linked to the interests, so that the natural design aspect should be more precise.In particular, some parts to ensure the consistency, in order to cooperate with other parts for use.

At the beginning, we must consider many aspects in the design. Although 3D printing can also facilitate our modification in the later stage, we can ensure the convenience of modification in the future, and try to leave room for it and make it convenient for printing.You can refer to the design of similar products first, and then carry out post printing, the effect will make us more satisfied.(For More Information, Please Make An Inquiry)3d printer china

Of course, to ensure the best effect of 3D printing, it is not enough to ensure the rationality of the design. It is necessary to ensure the professionalism of printing and no problems in processing.Therefore, it is also very important to find a professional processor at the very 

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